DVDShrink 2008

DVDShrink 2008

DVDShrink 2008 is a backup and decryption utility for Windows
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DVDShrink 2008 is a backup and decryption utility for Windows. The main problem you might encounter when you try to backup original DVD movies is the fact that those discs are usually encrypted so that you can't copy or play them from your hard drive. DVDShrink comes with advanced decryption algorithms that can decode the security measures so that you can copy or burn the files. The other problem that you may encounter is that most DVD movies are burned into dual layer discs, which you don't want to buy, since they are way more expensive than regular discs. DVDShrink will, well, shrink the contents of your original DVD disc so that it fits on a regular disc, by either compressing the video, or doing without the parts that are unnecessary or unwanted. You can use DVDShrink to shrink your DVDs by itself or you can use it with other burning software, like Nero. The application also will allow you to burn your discs but you might need some extra components that are not included in the installation package.

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